Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well a lot has happen since the last posting. A ton of personal struggle way to many to mention and I don't want this blog to be filled of doom and gloom. If you want that, FOX news and lots of other networks can help you in that department. First thing would be, the second book of Luchadores in Space is three pages from being completed. Also I entered a contest recently, an American idol type scenario. The difference being I am doing comic strips not singing lol Without going into much detail I moved onto the 2nd round from 5000 entries its down to 250. Next elimination takes place around Oct 12th which will narrow down to 50. Keeping fingers crossed, but really it is a blast to make it to 250 and I pumped this out in two days!!!!! I was not going to enter for several reasons, but my wife gave me the look and talk, so I pushed on. Now the latest I am going to do my first 24 hour comic day this Sat Oct 3rd. So meaning I will start 10 am that morning and push to 10 am next morning. Hopefully having completed a 24 page comic book. The twist for me is, I am having several friends through Face book myspace etc send in ideas. Although I am not going to see any of these ideas until the morning of the event. All ideas will be put in a hat and I will pull from it. The idea chosen will be what I create a 24 page comic about. Tons have been coming in from comic people and people that might have never read a comic but just want to take part. These can be vague in fact the more vague even better. i.e. Space cowboy and a talking plant. My buddy Dan Burke will podcasting live on on his show the comics cafe. I will be on there for sure and he has been sending ideas according to my wife that are just awesome:). If anyone does follow this blog and wants to get into the fun, send them to

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Day

Well it's been a while so why not give an update. Well first and foremost the health is not 100%. I am working on that and hoping for the best. Taking that out of the mix. Past days have been great. I have been at home with my daughter a lot and it's been fun. She really grounds me, she makes me stay true and keeps me a good person. Funny thing is that little girl has no idea she is doing this. I love her so much and wish to give her the stars and the moon. My comic is going well. I am on page 8 coloring so we are getting there, it's though taking a full color book on, but will get there. Today though thanks to my friend Richard Dominguez I found out that his comic page which Includes Latino Super heros will be included on the " War of the Independence " graphic novel. Which means the " Luchadores in Space " will be there as well. This is crazy insane!!! To think this group of five guys are not even a year old and our now going to rub elbows with guys that have been around for 20 years. This is an awesome day :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well just noticed it's been a while ...whew time flies.....well book#2 is finished ( well pencil and inks lol still have to color) Looks like I will take a shot at this Oni Press talent search. Mainly for the practice. The story line is something I would not normally try so will see how it will comes out. Job wise I am miserable I hate it, Yes I know the famous " at least you got a job " UGHHHH!! that line is so old it's got mold on it. Just hope something else comes to shine. Oh comic gods in the sky please show me the way. Sorry to sound to negative. I do have a lot of projects I want to get at. The Luchadores first story arc will be good for at least 4 to 5 more books. Also have a Neo Tokyo story I want to do, a kinda of Ghost busters meets Dexter. Still have " Gutter Skipping all in my head that story writes it self. Thinking of changing the name to " Daddy-o's not sure though. Also still want to do an all Black and white Manga book I had in my head. Lastly Teetesy UGGGGHHHH my buddy I have not forgotten you. In fact thinking of doing a four page bonus story in the back of Luchadores #2 not sure yet maybe it's own ash can. That's a good catch up for now 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Captain Cure

Free comic book was great. Thanks to Adam and Andy again for making it that way (if they could only ask Storm from the X-men to do something about the weather lol) Nice seeing the comic people again as always. I did meet this very awesome individual today named Ty. He created a character and story called Captain Cure. A quick run down of the story a child is stricken with cancer and while being exposed to the Chemo he gains super powers. He then begins his battle with the evil dreaded Cancer and his goons sick and tired. I was very fortunate to meet Ty today. Unlike a few of the people I have come across in this industry that are more concerned about their ego and who is stroking them. Ty could not be further from this. You see Ty was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2007. Rather than just roll over he put this book together and is out to help any way he can. He in my eyes is a true hero and hope that everyone gets to someday meet Ty. I feel that much more richer in life for crossing paths with him today. See soon Amigo.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Looks like I am headed to the Olympia Comic fest in June. Don't know what to expect, but will hope for the best. It will only be for one day so the drive up alone will be nice. I have heard of a big comic community up there so hope to make some new friends. Mean time I am back to work on the 2nd issue :) . I did not think I would get back to it so quick. The love and high I got from the Stump Town show was so immense that how could I not. The story is writing itself and I think I might have the whole second issue all roughed out. If so then Page 1 will begin tomorrow :) .

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well the show has come and gone. Even today being Monday and the start of the week. I have a feeling of complete joy :). Currently I am doing the dance of joy naked.... Yes not a pretty sight but I can not help myself still in glee. I met so so so many cool, supportive and awesome people to many to mention. The staff was AWESOME!!!!!!!! from bringing the waters around to the slightest issue they took care of. Cosmic Monkey again AWESOME!!!!! Even though I was stuffed, how can you pass up the vast amount of various peanut butter sandwich's and doughnuts:). Andy and Adam make Stump Town that much more special !!!!! Shannon those trophies will be talked about for ever ( just wish I had the cop one lol) Way to many memories made and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. See ya next year, which means I better get cracking :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fan Art

In the mail yesterday I received my first fan art. I was super impressed, not to mention really humbled. The art was really good. The thought that someone found enjoyment in what you did enough to take their time and draw you something. This is was an amazing feeling, and might be what fuels people like me to not give up and continue forward. The word Fan though for some reason I have always had a problem with. Think I might just call them Amigo's since I consider them friends. So might just call that section of the book Amigo Art :)....