Sunday, April 26, 2009


Looks like I am headed to the Olympia Comic fest in June. Don't know what to expect, but will hope for the best. It will only be for one day so the drive up alone will be nice. I have heard of a big comic community up there so hope to make some new friends. Mean time I am back to work on the 2nd issue :) . I did not think I would get back to it so quick. The love and high I got from the Stump Town show was so immense that how could I not. The story is writing itself and I think I might have the whole second issue all roughed out. If so then Page 1 will begin tomorrow :) .

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well the show has come and gone. Even today being Monday and the start of the week. I have a feeling of complete joy :). Currently I am doing the dance of joy naked.... Yes not a pretty sight but I can not help myself still in glee. I met so so so many cool, supportive and awesome people to many to mention. The staff was AWESOME!!!!!!!! from bringing the waters around to the slightest issue they took care of. Cosmic Monkey again AWESOME!!!!! Even though I was stuffed, how can you pass up the vast amount of various peanut butter sandwich's and doughnuts:). Andy and Adam make Stump Town that much more special !!!!! Shannon those trophies will be talked about for ever ( just wish I had the cop one lol) Way to many memories made and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. See ya next year, which means I better get cracking :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fan Art

In the mail yesterday I received my first fan art. I was super impressed, not to mention really humbled. The art was really good. The thought that someone found enjoyment in what you did enough to take their time and draw you something. This is was an amazing feeling, and might be what fuels people like me to not give up and continue forward. The word Fan though for some reason I have always had a problem with. Think I might just call them Amigo's since I consider them friends. So might just call that section of the book Amigo Art :)....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stump Town Comic Fest

The show is getting closer. This weekend to be exact, I could not be more anxious. I really do not know what to expect. Who will be there, how is my book going to be received? Saying I am not nervous would be lying. I think after getting this first show done and under my belt future shows wont be as nerve racking. We will just have to see, but my mind sure is going 100 mph. None of it bad just excitement, wanting to meet new people. Seeing new people get enjoyment from my book as I sit down and plot book #2. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gorgeous Day!!!!!

Today the weather was almost perfect ( a slight cool breeze and that would have been it) Went on a long walk with my daughter. She was in very good spirits and really well behaved at the market. Which was amazing considering all the distractions in ref to Easter all around. The whole way I was able to reflect on things that have happen and things that might. Gotta say given all the gloom and doom going on I am doing pretty well. Looking back on 08 and seeing what I have done with 09 man a lot has happen. I am happy :) !!! Don't get me wrong things are not perfect and might never be. Still work for the Stalin iron fist corp America. I so SO SO SO SO HATE THAT PLACE!!!! Right now I just want to focus on what it does on the positive. It pays the mortgage, allows my daughter a nice back yard to play in, and funded my book to be printed. All things considered I am content. Continue to surround myself with positive people and weed out the negative ones. Oh yes and on the Twitter thing LOL. Boy my mind works in evil ways sometimes lol. I plan to start leaving the most obscure non-making sense entries. One to see if anyone notices and two I want to see if they band me from Twitter :). So those who even read this will have a heads up lol.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Better spirits

Well things seem to be turning for the better. This is similar to when I have been out of work in the past. When you want a call back for a job no one is calling. Then all of a sudden you got an interview for the job and land the job. Then more employers are wanting you WTF!!!!! Before then no one was calling, it's like they are all in this lol. Did they all get together and say okay now lets call this guy who has been waiting. I had not heard about my book for a while, and began to really get in the dumps about it. Then just yesterday I heard from my good friend Steve who said he just got the book and thought it was amazing!!! He is going to do a video review of it. I can hardley wait Steve knows his stuff and has been in print before so it's an honor. Also got an e-mail back from Eddie Ching lives. I value his points and views and he could not say enough good about it. This has given me a HUGE boost. Friends and family I think will always say something you did is good. God bless them for it a lot of times it is all you have. Although you have to know their is vested interest, and no one is to blame for that. I mean that is just love who can be faulted for that. Now to get the awesome feed back from people that are as one with the medium and the industry. That is the icing on the cake and no matter what happens with the book. I do not think I guy could ask for much more. " That will do pig....that will do..."