Saturday, May 2, 2009

Captain Cure

Free comic book was great. Thanks to Adam and Andy again for making it that way (if they could only ask Storm from the X-men to do something about the weather lol) Nice seeing the comic people again as always. I did meet this very awesome individual today named Ty. He created a character and story called Captain Cure. A quick run down of the story a child is stricken with cancer and while being exposed to the Chemo he gains super powers. He then begins his battle with the evil dreaded Cancer and his goons sick and tired. I was very fortunate to meet Ty today. Unlike a few of the people I have come across in this industry that are more concerned about their ego and who is stroking them. Ty could not be further from this. You see Ty was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2007. Rather than just roll over he put this book together and is out to help any way he can. He in my eyes is a true hero and hope that everyone gets to someday meet Ty. I feel that much more richer in life for crossing paths with him today. See soon Amigo.

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