Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well a lot has happen since the last posting. A ton of personal struggle way to many to mention and I don't want this blog to be filled of doom and gloom. If you want that, FOX news and lots of other networks can help you in that department. First thing would be, the second book of Luchadores in Space is three pages from being completed. Also I entered a contest recently, an American idol type scenario. The difference being I am doing comic strips not singing lol Without going into much detail I moved onto the 2nd round from 5000 entries its down to 250. Next elimination takes place around Oct 12th which will narrow down to 50. Keeping fingers crossed, but really it is a blast to make it to 250 and I pumped this out in two days!!!!! I was not going to enter for several reasons, but my wife gave me the look and talk, so I pushed on. Now the latest I am going to do my first 24 hour comic day this Sat Oct 3rd. So meaning I will start 10 am that morning and push to 10 am next morning. Hopefully having completed a 24 page comic book. The twist for me is, I am having several friends through Face book myspace etc send in ideas. Although I am not going to see any of these ideas until the morning of the event. All ideas will be put in a hat and I will pull from it. The idea chosen will be what I create a 24 page comic about. Tons have been coming in from comic people and people that might have never read a comic but just want to take part. These can be vague in fact the more vague even better. i.e. Space cowboy and a talking plant. My buddy Dan Burke will podcasting live on on his show the comics cafe. I will be on there for sure and he has been sending ideas according to my wife that are just awesome:). If anyone does follow this blog and wants to get into the fun, send them to

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