Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Day

Well it's been a while so why not give an update. Well first and foremost the health is not 100%. I am working on that and hoping for the best. Taking that out of the mix. Past days have been great. I have been at home with my daughter a lot and it's been fun. She really grounds me, she makes me stay true and keeps me a good person. Funny thing is that little girl has no idea she is doing this. I love her so much and wish to give her the stars and the moon. My comic is going well. I am on page 8 coloring so we are getting there, it's though taking a full color book on, but will get there. Today though thanks to my friend Richard Dominguez I found out that his comic page which Includes Latino Super heros will be included on the " War of the Independence " graphic novel. Which means the " Luchadores in Space " will be there as well. This is crazy insane!!! To think this group of five guys are not even a year old and our now going to rub elbows with guys that have been around for 20 years. This is an awesome day :)

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