Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well just noticed it's been a while ...whew time flies.....well book#2 is finished ( well pencil and inks lol still have to color) Looks like I will take a shot at this Oni Press talent search. Mainly for the practice. The story line is something I would not normally try so will see how it will comes out. Job wise I am miserable I hate it, Yes I know the famous " at least you got a job " UGHHHH!! that line is so old it's got mold on it. Just hope something else comes to shine. Oh comic gods in the sky please show me the way. Sorry to sound to negative. I do have a lot of projects I want to get at. The Luchadores first story arc will be good for at least 4 to 5 more books. Also have a Neo Tokyo story I want to do, a kinda of Ghost busters meets Dexter. Still have " Gutter Skipping all in my head that story writes it self. Thinking of changing the name to " Daddy-o's not sure though. Also still want to do an all Black and white Manga book I had in my head. Lastly Teetesy UGGGGHHHH my buddy I have not forgotten you. In fact thinking of doing a four page bonus story in the back of Luchadores #2 not sure yet maybe it's own ash can. That's a good catch up for now 

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