Sunday, April 5, 2009

Better spirits

Well things seem to be turning for the better. This is similar to when I have been out of work in the past. When you want a call back for a job no one is calling. Then all of a sudden you got an interview for the job and land the job. Then more employers are wanting you WTF!!!!! Before then no one was calling, it's like they are all in this lol. Did they all get together and say okay now lets call this guy who has been waiting. I had not heard about my book for a while, and began to really get in the dumps about it. Then just yesterday I heard from my good friend Steve who said he just got the book and thought it was amazing!!! He is going to do a video review of it. I can hardley wait Steve knows his stuff and has been in print before so it's an honor. Also got an e-mail back from Eddie Ching lives. I value his points and views and he could not say enough good about it. This has given me a HUGE boost. Friends and family I think will always say something you did is good. God bless them for it a lot of times it is all you have. Although you have to know their is vested interest, and no one is to blame for that. I mean that is just love who can be faulted for that. Now to get the awesome feed back from people that are as one with the medium and the industry. That is the icing on the cake and no matter what happens with the book. I do not think I guy could ask for much more. " That will do pig....that will do..."

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