Monday, April 6, 2009

Gorgeous Day!!!!!

Today the weather was almost perfect ( a slight cool breeze and that would have been it) Went on a long walk with my daughter. She was in very good spirits and really well behaved at the market. Which was amazing considering all the distractions in ref to Easter all around. The whole way I was able to reflect on things that have happen and things that might. Gotta say given all the gloom and doom going on I am doing pretty well. Looking back on 08 and seeing what I have done with 09 man a lot has happen. I am happy :) !!! Don't get me wrong things are not perfect and might never be. Still work for the Stalin iron fist corp America. I so SO SO SO SO HATE THAT PLACE!!!! Right now I just want to focus on what it does on the positive. It pays the mortgage, allows my daughter a nice back yard to play in, and funded my book to be printed. All things considered I am content. Continue to surround myself with positive people and weed out the negative ones. Oh yes and on the Twitter thing LOL. Boy my mind works in evil ways sometimes lol. I plan to start leaving the most obscure non-making sense entries. One to see if anyone notices and two I want to see if they band me from Twitter :). So those who even read this will have a heads up lol.

1 comment:

  1. I see the trickery at hand now. :) Wish I was home to enjoy the beautiful day with you and the lovebug.