Sunday, March 15, 2009

About Me

I've been artistic all my life.  It's never anything that I learned in a class.  I just liked to draw & was good at it.  Up until my later teens, I chalked it up to a hobby.  You know, no different than my friends who liked to play sports, skateboard, ski or act.  I liked to draw.... As I got closer to becoming an adult, I realized that it really was more than a "hobby".  It was quickly becoming my passion...something in me...a part of who I was, not just a pass time.  Unfortunately, I ignored that direction & followed something a little more expected of me.  I joined the military and spent 4 years in the United States Navy, serving in Desert Storm.  I also spent time in other places, spreading peace....ya right.  I hate war!  Not because I serviced in them, resulting in time loss with my family, but because I just don't believe in it.  Beyond that, I don't and will not discuss it.
     Once I finished my term in the Navy, I went to school to study in graphic design.  Now mind you, this was the very early 90's &  graphic design was all that was really seriously offered in school.  So I went for it!  Even though it wasn't my interest....time passed and I graduated.  I landed a job in graphic design, married, quit my job & moved to Washington state in less than 2 years.  Once in Washington state, I started working corporate jobs..nothing that had to do with graphic design.  It took little or no time for me to get lost in the ties and latte's.  I put down my pencil, and wouldn't pick it up again for 8 years.  In 2005, I divorced and found myself kinda just standing still in time...wondering what I was gonna do now?  I had this moment, where I realized, "I'm on my own".  There is no one to tell me that my desire to draw & be somebody was "cute, but a "waste of time"as a responsible man.  I could actually do what I wanted...I could prioritize how ever I'd like.  If I wanted to draw and not work for food or home, then so be it!  I was so scared...but in a good way.  I had been out of the loop for so long.  I had no idea how far the industry had advanced.  I mean, I remained a friend of the graphic novels & comic art.  I kept tabs on the careers of my heroes, old and new.  Heroes like, Robert Crumb, Jim Lee, Jack Kirby & Jim Mahfood (to name a few).  But if asked what my plans were to make myself successfully known like these guys...I had no answer.  My only plan was to dust off the art supplies, buy a WACOM, a new art table, an easle, some pens, pencils, erasers, paper & computer with a scanner and work at reconnecting with an old friend...myself.  

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